Why We Care


Systemic change will not come from individual striving.

It will come from actualized individuals building and contributing to longterm communal efforts and strategies.

Women, POC, and LGBTQI communities have found themselves struggling for seats at the tables of education, economic and social mobility, and justice - ultimately, limiting all of our chances at a much more inclusive, multiform, and fully operational future.

This inequity dictates that even as they acquire individual skills, mobility, and access, members of these communities still suffer everyday emotional, physical, and psychical burdens of injustice in their work - work, a lived concept to which most human beings will give nearly 50% of their lives.

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consequences include, but are not limited to:

  • Burnout

  • Depression and other mental health disorders

  • Impostorism

  • Isolation

  • Diminished economic, political, and social capital + mobility

We believe every human being deserves:

  • Longterm thought partnership

  • Self-exploration in community

  • Equitably distributed resources

  • Sustenance strategies

  • Time

  • Space

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Help us create an equitable future.